Top 10 Best things to do in Langley, Wa


Also check out  – Village by the Sea, Langley, WA!

On Youtube – Langley, Village by the Sea

Langley waterfront1. Take a leisurely walk on 1st and 2nd street in downtown Langley. There are shops, galleries, restaurants, a theater, library, areas to sit and enjoy the waterfront.  There is something for everyone.


Callahan Firehouse Studio and Gallery

2. Callahan Firehouse Studio and Gallery – Glass blowing studio, you can take classes or peruse the beautiful glass artwork.


Useless Bay Coffee Co, Langley, WA


3. Useless Bay Coffee Co. – Excellent coffee, breakfast and lunch.



Outside of the whale center, Langley


4. Langley Whale Center – Lots of interesting information about whales and sea life in the area.



Star Store, Langley


5. Star Store –  Cool store with a compact, incredibly well stocked grocery department, very nice wine and beer selection.  They also have an amazing and eclectic collection of gifts and clothing.





Bayview Farmers Market6. Bayview Farmers Market – Nice, community farmers market with an awesome collection of quality vendors,  they also have live music!



Putney Woods trail map

7. Putney Wood Trail –  The first time I went on this trail I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It has an extensive trail system through old growth cedar, pine, fir and alder.  My grandson’s (age 7 and 5) really enjoy this trail!


Double Bluff Brewing, Langley


8. Double Bluff Brewing Co. – Great selection of house brewed beer, owner is so nice, you can bring your own food, inside and outside seating, family and dog friendly and during the summer they have live music.



Orchard Kitchen, Langley


9. Orchard Kitchen – Intimate and delicious farm to table dining experience.  Engage with the owners/chefs. (*Corkage fee waived for the 1st bottle you bring when you purchase a bottle.)



Whidbey Island Kayaking


10.  Kayaking – Whidbey Island Kayaking Co. down at the Harbor is a great way to explore the beautiful coastline of Whidbey Island.



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