Destination “Yah-hots”, Scenic Coastline

In the Siletz language Yachats (Yah-hots) means “dark water at the foot of the mountain”.  This cozy little town has been voted a top destination along the Oregon coast by travel writers for many years.

View from West Shelter Trail, Cape Perpetua, Scenic Area, Oregon
West Shelter Trail, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Spouting Horn, Thors Well Lookout, Oregon


There is evidence thru radiocarbon dating that Native Americans have inhabited this area since 570 AD and as I experienced this magnificent coast I can understand why they chose to live here.



The first time we visited the area we stayed at Sea Perch RV Resort.  It was a very nice, very well maintained resort and one of the more expensive places we have stayed,  the hosts were helpful getting us settled into our site.

Sunset @ Yachats, OR
Sunset @ Sea Perch RV Resort, the location is awesome, right on a beautiful sandy beach and close to all the scenic areas along this part of the coast.
Sea Perch Rv resort, view from RV site
View from our site.

We also stayed at Tillicum Beach Campground.  This campground was very nice and well maintained, it’s also on our “favorites” list.


There are places you experience in your lifetime that create a sense of wonder and perspective and the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area in the Siuslaw National Forest is one of those places for me.  The visitors center was a great place to get information and the viewing area is awesome.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Visitors Center

There are several hikes that will take you thru beautiful forests and scenic vistas.

The highlight is taking the trail or drive up to the Western Shelter.

Oregon Coastline, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area
They say on a clear day you can see 70 miles of coast and 37 miles out to sea.

Cape Perpetua Western Shelter Viewpoint

Heading south along the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway (Hwy 101), there are so many places to stop and enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

Spouting Horn and Thors Well Scenic Area, Oregon
Spouting horn and Thors Well Scenic Area

One of the coolest spots to stop and stretch your legs is the Spouting Horn/Thors Well Scenic Area. The best time to view the area is during high tides and storms and one hour before and after high tide. I could spend hours watching the waves gently roll in, then with so much power and force crash onto the coastline, it’s incredible!

A few miles south of Spouting Horn, Thors Well and Cooks Chasm is Neptune State Park.  There are isolated sandy beaches and coves, a natural cave and tide pools you can explore at low tide. There is great agate hunting here too!

North of Yachats in Newport is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Outstanding Natural Area. The lighthouse began operation in 1873 and is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon standing 93 feet tall.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon

Try to signup for the tour at the interpretive center, it’s an interesting and entertaining experience and the view from the top of the lighthouse is fantastic😍!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon
On the National Register of Historic Places
Yaquina Lighthouse Natural Area,Oregon
Quarry Cove, Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area

Our favorite place to stop when visiting the area is Yachats Brewing and Farmstore.   Their delicious menu is seasonal and they pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients.  They have an excellent selection of beers, ciders and even kombucha.

Yachats Brewery and Farmstore, Oregon

I know we only touched the surface of things to do in and around Yachats and we look forward to visiting this area again, I hope you will too!


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  1. I’ve started a list of things to see, do, and places to stay next year in the PNW, and your post is the beginning! I will have to go back and reference all your previous posts too. Thank you!


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