Removing B & W Hitch from Truck bed

One of the biggest challenges we had with the B & W companion hitchRemovable B & W Companion Slider Hitch was trying to figure out the best system for removing the unit from the truck bed.  It’s extremely heavy and large so it took us awhile to figure out what would be safe and work well for us.  We also wanted to be able to disassemble the setup once we were done.

Here’s what we came up with!

Pole mount


We set 2 pole mounts in the ground using 2- ICV boxes with covers.  We placed a piece of PVC in the center that fit the pole we would be using, then set it in cement.  We placed the pole mounts at a distance that would allow us to drive the truck thru.

We used galvanized poles that could support the weight of the hitch.


Before mounting the top pipe we slide the Electric Pittsburgh Electric HoistHoist onto the pipe.  We Have a Pittsburgh Electric Hoist that can lift 440lbs.  It has worked well for us so far.



B & W Hitch removal system




On the top we mounted these galvanized caps that allowed us to rest the top pipe securely.






We remove the Coupler Head from the base then securely strap the base.  Then we hook it up to the Hoist.

B & W Companion Hitch removed from the receiver hole. We leave the hitch on a rolling cart for storage.

Let us know what you think?!?


Disclaimer :  The information provided on this page is designed to provide helpful information on removing the B&W Companion fifth-wheel hitch.  Only use this as a example for designing your own system so you can safely remove the hitch.