Safety Checklist before hitting the road in your RV.

  1. Plan your road trip route with an RV specific navigation program,app or device, that will take you on the safest route for RV travel (avoiding low bridges, narrow roadways, steep inclines, construction closures etc).

  2. Include gas stops along the way, making sure your RV can safely enter and exit gas station, we like the GAS BUDDY app for location and prices but it doesn’t show safe access and egress (travel plazas are always a great option).

  3. Leave an itinerary with a friend or relative.

  4. Make sure to have all your insurance, medication and registration information.

  5. Check the tire pressure in all your tires (including every driving day before hitting the road).  It’s also a good idea to check your fluids, belts, wipers, lights and hoses too.

  6. Check propane and batteries.

  7. Make sure to distribute the weight in your RV evenly.

  8. Properly secure items that can shift, slide or fall during travel.  We put a Bungee cord across our frig. (after one especially bumpy long drive we entered our RV and found our frig. wide open and a bottle of sauce spilled all over the place)😧

  9. Test and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  10. Check the weather report to make sure there aren’t any severe weather alerts for your destination and the areas you will be traveling thru.

  11. Drive during the day as much as possible, visibility is limited at night and RV services may not be available if you get stuck.

Safe Travels!