Apps and Websites for Roadtripping

Gas Buddy – Great app for finding the best gas prices in the area you are traveling.

My Tide Times – Great app with lots of great information for finding tide times, currents,

sunrise, sunsets, wind speeds, moon info.

Sky Guide AR by Fifth Star Labs  – Great app if you enjoy learning about the universe,

constellations, planets, satellites and it’s easy to use.

Evernote – Great app for Organizing your schedules, recipes, reminders, lists and any relevent information you want to remember, allows you to share too! – I like this app when I’m narrowing down my selection for campsites in a campground.  They don’t have every campground but their library is pretty extensive.

Google Translate – Can translate 103 languages (59 offline) by scanning or typing in text.

Waze – Community driven navigation and traffic app.  Gives you alerts about, accidents, road work, police, traffic jams etc.

US Campground Info – This site has so much great information when you are searching for the right campground, ie: Navigation coordinates, RV hookups and accessibility, pets allowed, fees, type of park.  Definitely a labor of love.

Podcast App –  We have been using the podcast app that came with our iPhones but after doing some research the standout podcast app seems to be “Overcast“.  I included a “podcast app” as a favorite because there are long stretches of driving where you have no audio service (radio, phone service, etc) so downloading podcasts have been an enjoyable alternative for us and it really does make those long drives go much faster.   Pick your favorite topics, download it when you have internet/phone service and enjoy.

Yelp – This app has been wonderful for finding popular and reliable local businesses where ever you are traveling.  It is a crowd sourced review forum so ratings are based on customer’s experience at venues.  Many times photos are included with the reviews.