Things we like!

When you purchase a “traveling home” there are so many options and products available. It can feel overwhelming at the beginning, when all you want are the essentials to get you safely and comfortably on the road.  Here are some things that we have found to help make our travels more enjoyable!  

For the RV 

B & W companion hitchB & W Companion fifth-wheel hitch – Able to remove from truck bed and it slides too.  Very good customer service, the person we spoke to was able to answer all of our technical and practical questions.  He definitely knew the product!  Made in the USA


Water pressure regulator for RVWater pressure regulator for RV’s – This is a safety measure for your RV plumbing.  We attach it to the water source at the campground and then attach our hose.


Surge protector for RVSurge protector for RV – Safety measure for your “traveling home’s” electrical system.  It’s a bit pricey but it gives us peace of mind😉

Camco Step StoolCamco Aluminum Step Stool – Light, Adjustable height, nice, generous surface area for stepping up or down on.  I wish the height adjustment would be a little more user friendly. *we tried a plastic step stool that melted and collapsed in the hot sun😜

Sewer Hose for RV

Sewer hose for RV –  We have gone thru a few sewer hoses, always because they start leaking.  This Rhino sewer hose has lasted the longest.


Ikea leveling:laser

Leveling/ laser – This is from Ikea, it it is magnetic so you can mount it anywhere that is metal.  We like the laser feature too!  It’s also very compact and lightweight and only 9″ long.  This is the one  and only thing that Hugh has purchased at Ikea 😉!


2 Drinking Water RV hoses –  We like having 2 separate hoses because it allows us to use them seperately or together especially when the water outlet is far away.

Aluminum Step ladderRubbermaid Aluminum Ultra light step ladderSuper light, compact, stable, able to set up with one hand.   I Love This!



easy fold aluminum camp tableAluminum easy fold camp tableeasy fold table Super lightweight, easy to set up, folds flat, got it at Walmart.



Bungee Cords (all sizes)- They have so many uses when you’re traveling in your RV, indoors and outdoors.

Thermoworks Digital thermometerThermoworks Digital thermometer – Excellent for monitoring and adjusting propane oven temperature in RV.  The probe goes in the oven and you check temp on the monitor. Temperature alert and timer too.


Baking StoneBaking Stone – Recommended when we did the walk thru for the RV, it’s supposed to help regulate/maintain oven temp.


Oxygenics ShowerheadOxygenics Shower head – It’s amazing how well this shower head works, it intensifies the water pressure.


Lynx leveling blocksLeveling Blocks – We have the Lynx Brand, so easy to use, stable, lightweight, sturdy.  This is a must have in my opinion, 75% of the places we have visited required some leveling.


Honda companion generatorsGenerator – We chose the Honda generator because of the reviews.  It also allows us to just take out one unit when we have light usage and it’s supposed to be the quietest.  We don’t often stay at places with no hook-ups but this generator has been reliable and easy to use.

Tension Curtain Rods –  Great for using in cabinets to help prevent things from falling out  when you open them.  Comes in different sizes and is adjustable.  They are reasonably priced at Target and Daiso.

Silicon BumpersSilicon Adhesive Cabinet Bumpers – I stick them anywhere that might need protection  from banging or rubbing, especially when you’re traveling on the road.


USB/Electrical Outlet with surge protection – Safety and convenience, we have several things that require a USB connection so it’s nice being able to just plug it into outlet.

Adhesive Carpet Shield (sort of like saran wrap with adhesive on one side) – They sell them at Home Depot or Lowes.  Great for those wet days on the road.  Simply spread on area you want to protect from getting wet or dirty (carpet, flooring), peel off and throw away after use.

RV outlet lightOutlet Flashlight/Emergency/nightlight – We’re always using RV outlet flashlightthis, it’s plugged in right by the door so we can just grab it and go.  Flashlight is bright and illuminates really well.


Battery operated clock – It’s nice having a clock that doesn’t need to be reset every time you set up camp, (even if most of us use our phone to check the time).  We have our’s in the bedroom.

Hydro FlaskHydro Flask – This cup really does keep your drink hot or cold and it’s made out of material that is durable and unbreakable.  We have different colors so we can tell our drinks apart.


Silicon Hot Iron HolderSilicon Hot Iron Holder – Great for storing my hair dryer, Silicon Holderit magically adheres to the cabinet door so no screws or special mountings required.  I got mine at Ross.


Cabinet hooksCabinet Hooks – These hooks are great because they’re Cabinet hookmoveable, sturdy and they mount anywhere you have a cabinet in your RV.  We have one near the door to hang our jackets on.  They are reasonably priced, I got these at TJmaxx.