Hello Coachella Valley

We visted Indian Canyon near Palm Springs, it’s a reservation settled by the Cahuilla (Kaw-we-ah) Indians.  We did a 5 mile hike in Palm Canyon.


It must have been nice for the Cahuillas  to have this oasis in the desert.  It was peaceful and cool in the shade!

It’s crazy when you’re hiking in the desert.  You don’t realize you are perspiring (because of  evaporation) until you take your pack off and your back is dripping. YUK!  This is where we met up with the tarantula, it was sunning on a rock along the trail.

You can see the Fan Palm Oasis and Palm Springs in the distance!

Hugh went golfing at Desert Willows and met some nice guys from Canada and Wisconsin. They even had a road runner come and say…beep, beep!


We did a short hike at the Coachella Valley Preserve to see the San Andreas Fault.

You can clearly see where the San Andreas fault is, there are huge fan palms growing where water seeps through the fault.


An interesting hypothesis about the huge Fan Palms .  They have very sharp serrated fronds up to about 25 ft.  They believe it was protection against the Giant Sloth!


Carving along the trail 🙂

We enjoyed Coachella Valley, we even got to try Iron Chef Jose Garces restaurant called “Tinto“!  “Manhattan in the Desert” was a winner too!


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