Whidbey Island to Palm Desert

We made the long trek from wintery Washington State to (rainy?) California, it took us 4 days to travel, 1319 miles.  We made overnight stops in Portland, Redding and Fresno.

Our first overnight stop was Portland, it was 30 degrees and snowing, from there we drove thru the Siskiyous, pass Mt Ashland (photo above). Our next stop was Redding, CA., we got there in the late afternoon.  Several people told us to check out the Sundial Bridge @ Turtle Bay.  Cool destination park with lots to do (museum, arboretum etc.)

IMG_0682 (1)
Sunset at the Sundial Bridge
217 Feet High

Our last stop was Fresno, we got there late so we just set up and hit the sack.  We woke up early and hit the road for Palm Desert.  We stayed at the Emerald Desert RV Resort (site 309), it is a beautiful destination resort with so many amenities and activities.

San Gabriel Mountains

We made it to Palm Desert!

We celebrated New Years Eve here…..

El Nino came to visit us in Palm Desert!  The locals were so happy to see the rain!

Whidbey Island to Palm Desert – 1319 miles




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