Avenue of the Giants

One of our first stops from Klamath to Avenue of the Giants was the cute seaside city of Trinidad.  This city is the gateway to the California Coastal National Monument.


Trinidad Harbor
Trinidad Harbor

We were unexpectedly surprised with how beautiful Trinidad Harbor is.   I would love to stay here next time and explore this area more!

Trinidad, CA
Looking south from Trinidad, CA

We stayed in Myers Flat at the Giant Redwoods RV & Camp.  Our site was a pull thru with full hook ups.  The sites are a bit narrow, especially if you have a slide out.   The park was along the Avenue of the Giants and next to the Eel River.

Giant Redwoods RV & Camp, Myers Flat
Giant Redwoods RV & Camp, Myers Flat

The Redwood’s Visitors Center  is an excellent starting point, there are so many interesting exhibits and lots of very good information about visiting the park.

Animals in the Redwoods
Animals in the Redwoods
The ring at the center of this cut is from 912 A.D.
The ring at the center of this cut is from 912 A.D.

We also got to see the “Travel Log”, the first RV!  Guess who’s driving?

  DSCN1314  DSCN1313  DSCN1312 

The temperature was in the 80’s and 90’s so the hikes in the Redwoods were comfortable. We went on 4 hikes during our stay, Drury-Chaney Loop Trail, Greig-French-Bell Trail, Founders Grove Loop and Rockefeller Loop.  The Redwoods are the worlds tallest living things with some of them towering over 360 feet.   It’s just magical being in the presence of these magnificent survivors.

DSCN1375  DSCN1352  DSCN1341

DSCN1349 DSCN1346   DSCN1340  DSCN1332

We had lunch on the Drury-Chaney Loop 🙂  We stood  in silence and listened to the subtle sounds of the forest.  It’s spiritual and nourishing for the soul.  🙏


A view of the canopy above.  They say a Redwood Tree can grow so tall that one tree can live in 3 weather zones.

DSCN1378  DSCN1341  DSCN1396

We saw the Dyerville Giant.

DSCN1382  DSCN1386

Can you see Hugh?
Can you see Hugh?

This is the beginning of a Redwood Tree.


What do you see in the photo below?


The Giant Redwoods are truly natures ultimate survivors!  I felt privileged and humbled to be able to experience these magnificent, majestic, tranquil giants.

Klamath to Myers Flat CA. – 2 hrs. 30 min. (128 miles)

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