Yachats to Bullards Beach @ Bandon

We drove south on Hwy 101 from Yachats, it was cloudy, cold and foggy so we didn’t make to many stops.

We got a glimpse of Heceta Head Lighthouse.

We stopped in at Tony’s Crab Shack in Bandon.  Good food and nice selection on the menu.

We stayed at Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon.   No TV, no phone service, no wifi………but we had an entire beautiful sandy beach to ourselves 🙂

Bullards Beach State Park

We visited the Shore Acres & Cape Arago State Parks, for me this is a “Bucket List Place”!  There are no words or photographs that can describe how amazingly beautiful this place is.

Cape Arago scenic area
Beautiful Cape Arago scenic area!

You feel you are looking at something so magnificently fluid, a moment in time that can never be captured again.

DSCN1067 DSCN1080 (1)

The rock formations are incredible because it’s near the Mendocino Fracture.

Check out the angle of the rock outcrops!
Check out the angle of the rock outcropings!

DSCN1072 DSCN1069 DSCN1065 DSCN1062

(Simpson Reef, Shell Island and Cape Arago)

DSCN1085 DSCN1087

(Shore Acres Gardens, Cape Arago Lighthouse)

DSCN1059 DSCN1055

(South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve)

Bullard’s Beach State Park is located near Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.  Hugh said he would like to golf here some day.

DSCN1092  DSCN1090

 We saw these clear orbs on the beach?!?

Can anybody tell me what this is?
Can anybody tell me what this is?

Yachats to Bandon, OR – 2 hrs. (94 miles)

3 thoughts on “Yachats to Bullards Beach @ Bandon

  1. “It looks like a bubbly goo” -Eli & Graham (bubbly goo: those things in our bathroom vase that expand with water). Is it a jellyfish? Also, is that a picture of a newt and was that otter stuffed? Those rocks are AMAZING, very beautiful, you guys are making us jealous…….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can you see something in that “bubbly goo”?
    I believe that is a salamander, they were even at our campground!
    Yes, those rock formations were amazing. The west coast is so beautiful!


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